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Welcome! Many people would like to work at home and make a good living at the same time. It's a new concept and business still has a difficult time with it. The more employees want it and prove they are more productive, the greater the chances that it will be part of the fabric of life in the 21st Century.

What distinguishes "telecommuting," from "freelancing?" That's an excellent question.

Freelancing is a contract position. We recommend that you visit the Freelance page at Sunoasis.com and look at the opportunities there.

Telecommuting means full-time employees who work from home all or some of the time for an employer. Many people feel more productive at home, especially if they are parents of young children. With rare exception, telecommute jobs of this nature are not posted in job listings. Different companies have different policies. Remember, this is a fairly new concept and business is conservative.

At this page we are trying to introduce people to the subject, offer some resources, and keep up on the newest trends in the area.

Speaking of resources, we came across this site recently. It's resourceful and a good read.

Telecommuting Resources:

Telecommuting slows down.

Some books that you might find interesting and helpful, from Amazon.com

The Telecommuter's Advisor

The Virtual Office Survival Handbook

100 Best Careers for Writers and Artists

Interesting and resourceful sites for Telecommuters:



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David Eide
Copyright 2000-2009

David Eide
copyright 2000-2009

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