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This is a very effective page to put your services in front of the many people who visit If you want to post a classified ad, it is very simple. Compose the ad and copy/paste it to the classified ad form. The ad will be posted on the same day and you will be contacted so you can look at it and make changes if you wish. If you have PayPal, a request for money will be sent to you. Otherwise you'll be invoiced for the cost of the ad. Please pay promptly. When payment is made, your ad is put into the Sunoasis Network and its thousands of subscribers. The ad is included with every Sunoasis Jobs Update and Sunoasis 2002 newsletter.   There is no limitation as far as length of the ad. The ad is placed on its own page with links to the main Classified page. However, if it's too long it will be edited on the Sunoasis newsletters with a link to the unique page where the ad runs. If you want to compose your own headline for the Classified page please do. Otherwise, we'll use the first line or two of the ad as the link. reserves the right to refuse any ad. Don't advertise for illegal activities or con games or sexually explicit material or hate material.

Write your ad with sincerity and with simple, direct words and you will get better responses.

Use the Classifed Form to send the ad. Thanks! draws a variety of people from around the world and they are all reachable with an ad. Try it! See how fun it is!

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Laughing Sun

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