Job Title: Part-time, Contract, Temporary

Company: Demand Studios

Location: ANYWHERE

LIVESTRONG.com is a leading online health, fitness and lifestyle destination. Thanks to the rich and extensive articles, videos, innovative tools and an active community on the site, more than 5.5 million people come to the site every month for credible advice surrounding diverse health and fitness topics. As a LIVESTRONG.com writer, you can play an instrumental role in ensuring millions of people get the best health advice possible while simultaneously extending your professional brand and earning a reliable paycheck.

  • Claim diverse writing assignments around the areas of your expertise (health, fitness, nutrition, sports, etc)
  • Assignments vary in length and format with most averaging 300?00 words
  • This is a telecommuting position which enables you to work anywhere that has an internet connection
  • No minimum or maximum limits on the amount of articles you can create and get paid for
  • Payments are issued twice a week for each completed article. Current writers earn an average of $20 ?$30 per hour
  • Your byline follows each article to LIVESTRONG.com and your articles become indexed by search engines for better discoverability

Qualifications to be a LIVESTRONG.com Writer: Candidates must have one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Masters of Science in a medical field
  • Accreditation in health preferred
  • Experience writing about health-related topics in a medical or health magazine, newspaper, journal, blog or other health website

How to Apply: Follow the link below to the online application form. Serious candidates only please.

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Upload your most recent resume
  • Upload a non-fiction writing sample

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Posted March 3, 2010; Closes April 18, 2010


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