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The Benefits of Posting With Sunoasis Jobs

We've been online for over a decade and have learned many things about this communications medium. The best lesson we've learned is that quality is more important than quantity. Job boards and job searching on the Internet is going through a sea-change because employers and recruiters are discovering that hundreds of useless resumes aren't cutting it.

Therefore, Sunoasis Jobs has taken a "boutique" view of the process. We cultivate an excellent pool of writing and editing talent and then carefully select the ways and means of bringing them job notices. For those posting jobs it means more quality response for each posting. When you post a job on Sunoasis.com:

  • It is viewed by a highly targeted group of experienced writers and editors.
  • It gets on the Sunoasis Writers Network that now boasts over 1500 members who have viewable profiles at: Sunoasis Writers Network.
  • New writers come into Sunoasis.com because it's high in search engine searches. Fresh talent is always coming in to view new ads.
  • Twitter alerts are used to notify followers of a job posting as soon as it is posted.
  • The ad is posted on the heavily trafficked areas of Sunoasis.com including the job posting page, freelance page, and home page.

To post a job simply send us the job posting! We'll take care of the rest.

If you want to pay by credit card or are from Canada or outside the U.S. use CLICKBANK.

If you have any questions please contact Sunoasis.com at sunoasisjobs@earthlink.net or phone: 925-330-7961


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David Eide
Copyright 2000-2017


David Eide
copyright 2000-2017

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